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  • About Our Wines...

    In 2010 marks the winery's third release of our wines.
    The varieties:

    - Paul Champoux cabernet sauvignon grapes combine together creating an aromatic bouquet of exuberantly rich flavors, hints of dry cherry and chocolate with lasting extended flavors.
    Complements well with – rustic breads and bold flavorful cheese, steak or lamb, chocolate mouse’ or a dense rich dessert.

    - Opens with abundant fruit combined with subtle citrus, lingering into a sweet chocolate mandarin finish. By creatively combining two vinyards Syrahs, this wine extends and pleases.
    Balance flavors with – pears and goat cheese, pheasant, rabbit, duck, or fruits and crème.

    - An earthy natural beginning, transitions into intense berries off the vine fruitiness and ends in a balanced smooth silky tannic finish.

    Pairs well with – light crackers with smooth cheeses such as, brie or crème la freche, simple grilled red meats or almond torte, vanilla cake or pastry.

    - Rich and flvorful with balanced acids. Good with food.Unfortunarly I did't make much so it won't be around long.

    - Super Tuscan, styled after the original Chianti without the added tannin. Opens with intense spice laced with black currant and a hint of huckleberry. A slow start finishes long, demonstrating the subtle complexity of the grape. We can‘t keep this wine in stock!
    Couple flavors with: Tapas’, hearty red or white sauces or a winter stew, fresh fruit with crème’ la fresh or crème’.

  • Vineyards and Growers...

    Queen Anne Winery’s grapes are harvested from 3 of Washington’s more established vineyards.

    , located in Zillah Washington, features well established vines in which some have been producing for up to 30 years, providing fruit for many of Washington State’s oldest and most prestigious wineries.

    , located in Alderdale south of Prosser, is a known and respected vineyard that year after year grows some of Washington’s most sought after grapes.

    , west of Red Mountain, has the optimal soil characteristics for producing complex grapes which accents Queen Anne Winery’s style.

  • Events...

    Because of the small size of our winery, most of the wine “events” at his time are small, private tastings. If you are interested in helping and learning the process of wine making, just shoot us an and we will let you know when we are holding a tasting event!  In the future as we grow we will begin to host barrel tasting events etc. Please , view our blog at , follow us on or , for our mailing list below for up to date information

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